Frequently Asked Questions

Instaswap serves as a comprehensive DEX aggregator operating across different blockchains. By integrating multiple DEX aggregators, bridges, and liquidity providers, Instaswap ensures optimal liquidity for users. It presents a streamlined user interface that simplifies complex routing between various coins across different blockchains.

Instaswap is both stable and thoroughly tested, however, continuous improvements are being made to enhance its functionality and user experience. As a precaution, users are advised to initially use Instaswap with smaller dollar amounts to confirm its smooth operation before engaging in larger transactions.

Instaswap's multi-chain functionality allows for the swapping of tokens within a single network or between different networks. The X.Y format indicates the token Y on the X network. For instance, BTC.BTC signifies the BTC token on the Bitcoin network, whereas BSC.BTC refers to the wrapped BTC token on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Routing refers to the path determination process that Instaswap employs to execute your swap optimally. Instaswap can chain together multiple intra-chain and inter-chain swaps to achieve your desired result. For example, a three-step route could involve the conversion of Token A to native ETH via 1inch-Ethereum, the transfer of native ETH to wrapped ETH on the BSC network using the Binance Bridge, and finally, the conversion of Wrapped ETH to Token B via 1inch-BSC.

Instaswap operates in real-time, scanning tens of thousands of potential routes across multiple sources to find the best possible route. Occasionally, the APIs of these sources may respond slowly or fail to respond within a certain timeframe, leading to retries and wait times to ensure the optimal route is ultimately selected.

Absolutely. Instaswap prioritizes security by integrating top-tier solutions and products such as Uniswap, 1Inch and Thorchain. All funds remain in your personal wallets, transaction details are available for review before confirmation, and the platform always identifies the most advantageous route to minimize slippage.

Currently, Instaswap supports Metamask, XDefi, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Mobile, Brave, Keplr, Trust Browser, Wallet Connectg, Ledger, and Trezor with plans for additional wallet integrations in the pipeline.

Instaswap currently interfaces with 9 blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, THORchain, Avalanche, Binance, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cosmos, Litecoin. Further blockchain integrations are planned for the future.

This can occur due to several reasons: the input amount may be lower than certain minimum limits, the input amount may exceed certain maximum limits, or the requested coin may not be supported by any of Instaswap's integrated bridges, LPs, and DEX aggregators.

Rest assured; your funds remain secure and, in your possession, potentially in the form of tokens not default-displayed in your wallet. If you encounter transaction issues, join their telegram group for support. The support team is available to assist you in recovering any missing funds. Remember, the admins will not initiate a private or direct message to you. You should ask your question in the telegram group and await a reply from the admins there. Alternatively, you can send a direct message to the admins with your transaction's request id. Please note: Instaswap admins will not send the first direct message.

We provide a fully decentralized platform for trading and earning yield, thus enhancing your privacy, transparency, and security without the need for KYC procedures.

Instaswap has maintained a flawless record in terms of fund security since it does not hold customer funds. As a non-custodial platform, your funds remain under your control at all times.

Instaswap provides a fully decentralized trading environment. This facilitates direct transactions between users without the need for a centralized authority to control your keys, a distinct advantage over conventional exchanges. Moreover, we ensure a cost-effective trading experience among platforms.